The origin of our company legacy

Since FEBA's beginnings, many people have joined us on our journey motivated by passion and unshakeable determination with a taste for innovation and collaboration -- which leaves traces of FEBA's DNA in each of our projects.

In the beginning

FEBACAPITAL is a team of experienced entrepreneurs and operators passionate about partnering with visionary founders. The company grew out of the professional experiences of its founders and their wide array of industry expertise. Not by accident, the name FEBA is an acronym of the founder’s names: Fabio, Eduardo, Bill and Artem.

The first company launched by the founders, was launched in 2013 and was the catalyst for all the others in the venture. The company created multiple unique tools and software platforms to automate and streamline internal and external processes, such as demand acquisition and managing the customer journey. The founders realized that the technologies, systems and strategies they developed for homeyou were scalable and could boost the growth of many other companies.

Little by little, FEBA invested in ideas and visionary founders which we saw as market changing, and leveraged FEBA technologies and know-how to drive growth of those invested companies.

The biggest difference of the Venture is in the application of the human intellectual capital beyond the financing: all the expert teams of FEBA work together with the invested startups to develop products, leverage our platform, community and operating experience to help teams scale and together create an extensive network of entrepreneurial support.

Thus, we have become what we are today: Strategic Venture Capital that are partners-advisors for entrepreneurs who are seeking investors that in addition to funding are capable of assisting in the structuring of growth, client acquisition, team building, strategic planning and providing key contacts.

We are FEBACAPITAL, The Strategic Venture Capital.

By the numbers

FEBACAPITAL's invested businesses have had an economic impact of over $1.8B+. We invest into businesses that can scale online that generate free cash flow quickly.