We value teamwork over self promotion and showmanship. We avoid using using "I" and are more comfortable using "we". We don't particularly care if we see our names in the press.

We have a small team, each of us is serious about our work.

We like to work with passionate, execution-capable, self-aware, positive people that learn from own mistakes.

Our core principles of innovation, flexibility, risk management, discipline and transparency are the foundation of each of the investment strategies. Our team’s market and technology experience, analytical insights and industry knowledge are central to its success.

Our strategies include private equity, technology investments, as well as event-driven arbitrage strategies, such as bankruptcy reorganizations, structured credit, distressed credit, recapitalizations, restructurings and other corporate events.

As investors with a long term vision, we seek to generate attractive investment returns by following a disciplined and patient approach, pursuing the highest standards of excellence, and utilizing rigorous analysis of actual value and projecting the opportunity for value creation through improving operational efficiencies. We seek to invest where we can best leverage our technological and operational experience to achieve the greatest impact.