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Get to know more about the essence of FEBA: the way we think and act, and our strengths that work together to deliver epic results.

To build scalable products with excellence. That is the mindset of the FEBA’s team, it is through our diversity of expertise and critical sense that we do it with mastery. Our mission is simple:
We build digital businesses that transform industries, by building scalable platforms that satisfy a real customer need. We aim to build profitable companies, with sustainable business models, that become industry leaders.

The skills of FEBA’s professionals

Get things done

We focus on results, avoid complacency, and work with focus and prioritization, knowing
how to make the best use of the time available with attention to detail and a critical eye.


We act and think like owners, manage our own time, and are committed to the whole,
taking care of deadlines, quality, and the company's culture.

Always be learning

We are constantly learning, we work with constructive feedback and we adapt to
changes in the company and the market, always seeking to innovate in every project
developed within FEBA.

people are what matters

Thoughts from our team

“Being part of FEBA is to think about innovation, professional and collective growth, a 100% humane company, committed and aligned with its purposes, it is to be able to stay beside my family, and to have the privilege of keeping up with the growth of my three children and in this exact moment it means to be in my best professional moment.”

Emerson Candido


“I am very proud of my journey inside FEBA. I believe that my growth has come from the fact that I am a proactive professional that is always searching for creative solutions. I have taken part in multiple successful projects inside the company. It is an honor to work with this incredible team, I have made and make great friendships. I thank FEBA for giving me this opportunity to grow and fulfill my professional and personal dreams!”

Guilherme Assis


“Since I entered FEBA in 2015, I have had an interest in the area of design and the company gave me the opportunity to develop in this field. As FEBA has a remote culture and time flexibility, it allows me to merge my best versions as a father and professional. We work with multiple different products that challenge us to be better and to be in constant learning.”

Raniel dos Anjos


“Working in FEBA is a daily challenge! I admire the way we work as a group to boost the different businesses and appreciate our care with all details. It is motivating to be part of the company’s culture that stimulates the autonomy of its employees and encourages the search for constant learning. I am grateful for being able to enjoy the flexibility that this job provides and for being able to live with a team that inspires me to always search for my best.”

Wilma de Araujo Silva

Social Media Content Creator

“Working in FEBA allowed me to fulfill the dream of having a flexible routine, without the chains of time scheduled and with the possibility of working while traveling the whole world! Here, I can help companies grow with my creativity and I have the freedom to create along with a wonderful team that values me greatly.”

Laura Paulino


Why do we love
working here?

The reasons why every FEBA employee loves working at the company. Or rather: what makes FEBA an incredible company for its employees, according to them.
Actual benefit offerings may differ depending on your region and role.

Remote by Design

As we have a 100% remote culture, all our daily used tools, from the ones used for project management to internal communication, are designed to create collaboration, connectedness and above all organization – for us to continue working anywhere in the world in a productive and harmonic way.

Get to know your
(future) team.

Talented people working and collaborating together offers an environment like no other. We are constantly looking for talented people to join our team. Check the highlighted functions or see all the open positions!


The Development team is a dynamic and innovative group, formed by people in love with research and development of solutions in high quality software.

  • Software Developer
  • Front-end Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Mobile Developer

The infrastructure area aims to automatize the steps of building, testing and implementing the software, guaranteeing that new functions and bug corrections are delivered to the users in a quick and reliable way.


The Marketing team is composed of four subareas that work along to trace and reach the goals of each project and invested company.

Product Design

The Product Design team develops solutions always aligned with business needs, understanding user perspectives throughout the process, consistently delivering intuitive solutions.

Product Management

The Product Managers team leads the strategic development of products, merging market vision with technology. They manage the product lifecycle from conception to launch, ensuring alignment with user needs and company objectives.


The People team helps the professionals to find their balance between personal and professional life, assists leaders to develop, brings clarity to the expectations of the other teams, and promotes special moments to connect all areas.

Featured roles



Senior Front-end Developer


Mobile Applications Developer


Senior PHP Developer


Full Stack Engineer


Backend/API Engineer



Senior Product Designer


Senior UI/ UX Designer