The methodology behind our work

It is with our EPICA methodology that we assist entrepreneurs with the growth of their companies and ideas, and help their businesses scale and become market leaders in their markets.

Our method


Execution of Business Plan

Verification of market potential, internet demand, niche growth and fit with our main expertise.



To identify how good and advanced the solution offered is to the consumer, taking into account the usability, level of problem solving and level of development.



The necessary financial volume to make the project viable, from the start until the investments in media, paid traffic and other potential projects.


Connection with founder

One of the most important FEBA pillars is the close relationship and the connection with the founder(s) of each partner brand.


Acquisition of Customers

The area of biggest focus inside FEBA, with professionals of unique expertise dedicated to the promotion of improvement in this key area for partner companies. Through the understanding of the sales funnel structure of each brand, we propose forms of optimizing lead capture.

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