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Abrahão is the digital menu that raises results per table

Integrated to Goomer, Abrahão is strengthening its presence in the foodservice market and plans to invest beyond self-service
Araranguá - SC, Brasil
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Isaac Paes
Website abrahao.com.br

Since 2019, Abrahão has been providing digital solutions for the foodservice sector with the aim of reducing service costs and increasing the average ticket of bars and restaurants by up to 40%. Clients of the brand use digital menus to speed up orders and increase consumption per customer, per minute and per table.

Founded by Isaac Paes Sobrinho, Abrahão has introduced in the market solutions that use artificial intelligence (AI) to provide valuable insights into the operation of establishments and the behavior of consumers, helping managers and owners to make better decisions.

In 2023, Abrahão was acquired by Goomer – Brazilian's largest company when it comes to digital solutions for restaurants – with which the brand had strong synergies. The two startups have always shared similar characteristics, converging operations and developing teams working on similar projects.

With the merger, the two companies now have a total of 400,000 registered restaurants, placing more than 100 million orders every year to clients that buy in person and by delivery. In addition, Abrahão and Goomer together have more than 30,000 active tablets, consolidating a market share of more than 90% in the digital menu format.

The merger also allowed for the optimization of time and resources, enabling both the teams to focus their efforts on creating new projects. To this end, the strategic venture FEBACAPITAL, the companies' investor, has already signaled its interest in financing innovations, such as integration with payment and logistics platforms.

"We are focused on offering the foodservice sector everything it needs to gain in efficiency, savings and profitability."

Isaac Paes, Founder of Abrahão and CMO of Goomer
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Abrahão has been receiving investments from FEBACAPITAL since 2019, when it came onto the market as Oimenu and relied on the venture to get its software project and other internal and external strategies off the ground.

Between late 2022 and early 2023, after undergoing a rebranding process guided by a specialized agency, Abrahão has counted on the efforts of several of the investor's teams to bring to the market a totally renewed company.

The FEBACAPITAL team already contributed to the creation of Abrahão's tools and solutions when the company was still Oimenu, such as creating and updating the website and other pages of the business, as well as various types of content, and continues to do so nowadays.

The venture also took part in other changes that took place in the brand at the end of 2022 triggered by the emergence of restaurant owners' new needs, and the intention to meet these demands by offering more than other companies do.

Now occupying a new position in the market and becoming an even greater reference in digital menu intelligence after the merger with Goomer, Abrahão continues to receive assistance from FEBA in marketing, content, consultancy and product development demands and new resources.


Isaac Paes
Isaac Paes
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Luiz Fernando
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Marcos Carlesso

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