Goomer has reinvented self-
service in foodservice

A pioneer in digital menus in Brazil, the startup has established itself as a market leader in innovative solutions for bars and restaurants.
Sorocaba - SP, Brasil
Felipe Lo Sardo
Website goomer.com.br

Founded in 2014 in Sorocaba (SP), Goomer pioneered the implementation of digital menus in Brazil. Through technologies such as tablet menus and a delivery platform, the startup has revolutionized the way restaurants present and sell their dishes and has become a key player in digital solutions for the foodservice sector.

In 2023, the market leader acquired Abrahão, a startup based in Santa Catarina and the second largest company in the self-service restaurant solutions sector, with which Goomer had already seen strong synergies.

The merger has made Goomer the main player in the segment, resulting in an instant 42% increase in revenue and a 50% growth in MRR, which exceeds the seven-figure milestone.

In addition, the acquisition promises to intensify competition with other players in the delivery and financial transactions sector, since Goomer offers free resources, providing restaurants with an alternative to the fees charged by marketplaces in the sector, which currently hold almost 1/3 of the revenue from each order.

For the future, Goomer intends to further develop the partnership with the more than 70 integrations already on offer. The aim is to make life easier for both the end consumer and bar and restaurant owners by centralizing all resources on its own platform.

To this end, the strategic venture FEBACAPITAL, the investor in Goomer and Abrahão, has already announced that it intends to finance new solutions, such as integration with payment and logistics platforms.

“We transform efficiency and innovation into high-level experiences for consumers and profitability for establishments.”

Felipe Lo Sardo, CEO at Goomer
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As the biggest players in the segment, Goomer and Abrahão have always closely followed each other's movements in the market. Goomer, as a pioneer and leader in the sector in the country, recognized the efficiency of the marketing and the quality of the products launched on the market by its competitor, which aroused interest in the acquisition.

During the negotiations, Goomer got to know FEBACAPITAL, and discovered that it was the venture that was responsible for the product development and marketing strategies that it so admired in the start-up from Santa Catarina.

Thus, with the union between Goomer and Abrahão, FEBACAPITAL now plays a crucial role for the foodservice giant, contributing its expertise in developing innovative solutions and marketing to boost the expansion goals of the company.


Felipe M. Lo Sardo
Felipe M. Lo Sardo
Co-founder & CEO
Rafael Marcili Laganaro
Rafael Marcili Laganaro
Co-founder & CPTO
Daniel Wassano
Daniel Wassano

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