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Atletis is a platform for sporting event organizers to create and publicize their competitions and allow sports enthusiasts to find their favorite modality.
Araranguá - SC, Brasil
Gustavo Leme
Website atletis.com.br

Guaranteeing a bridge between sports events organizers and athletes of all levels, Atletis is an online platform idealized by Gustavo Antonio Leme, sports passionate CEO that identifies a pain that only a platform that centralized all the information about competitions in one place could solve: that is how Atletis was born.

Since 2019, the invested company also counts on FEBACAPITAL’s expertise to optimize experiences.

For the organizers, Atletis allows them to create an event in five minutes, providing an exclusive page for competition and centralizing payments and inscriptions, besides programing automatic batch turns.

“FEBA has assisted Atletis to get off the ground, I am forever grateful for all the team that has already been involved in the project.”

Gustavo Leme, Co-Founder & CEO, Atletis

For the participants, there is the commodity of finding the event on the internet and doing the inscription without having to leave home.

It was through FEBACAPITAL’s expertise that projects were developed, such as the software itself – elaborated by the Venture –, the white label platform – allowing partnerships with large websites of the sports and competition fields –, the organizer app, the checkout 2.0 and also the blog and social media, that are weekly fed.


Gustavo Leme
Gustavo Leme
Co-Founder & CEO

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