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“Consolide sua Marca” (Consolidate your Brand) was born to reduce bureaucracy in the slow and bureaucratic process of trademark registration in Brazil and accomplish that 100% online.
Intellectual Property Services
Araranguá - SC, Brasil
Alan Marcos

A FEBACAPITAL’s invested company since 2017, Consolide was created by Alan Marcos and Cristian Pereira and is recognized as the largest company in the field of trademarking in Brazil since 2020.

Through company and trademarking registration in the National Institute of Intellectual Property (INPI), Consolide guarantees that entrepreneurs are not in the risk of losing their companies’ names because of lawsuits, and give support for the client to legally appeal in case their brand is used inappropriately by others.

All the prosecution is done by lawyers specialized in the matter with the aid of a capable service team.

“FEBA has brought all the marketing and technology know-how and, through this partnership, we have grown in a exponential way.”

Alan Marcos, Founder & CEO, Consolide
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Furthermore, FEBACAPITAL has collaborated in the construction of the company since its creation. It has also been responsible for the development of websites, applications and – through the expertise in Customer Acquisition and using its own technologies, such as Wiser Ads and Wiser Leads –, implements marketing strategies to boost the results.

Another one of the Venture’s technologies that is much used in favor of Consolide’s everyday is the Wiser Calls intelligence, which – adapted to the company’s businesses – started to satisfy its needs in a 100% personalized way and saved at least 3 years of the estimated time that they would take to advance in the market.

With registrations valid for 10 years, Consolide has added up more than 20 thousand companies assisted in more than 1,400 cities spread through 26 states, continuing on as the largest trademarking registration company in the country.


Alan Marcos
Alan Marcos
Cristian Pereira
Cristian Pereira
Diretor Comercial

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