Eduardo Leitão

Eduardo Leitão


Innovative and detail oriented in the execution of projects, Eduardo is a central key in the mechanism that makes FEBACAPITAL function. Acting as an investor and counselor, the history of the Partner with technology began long ago, in the 90’s decade.

It was through mIRC, one of the first chat softwares developed in the world, that Eduardo connected with Fabio, FEBA’s CEO. Even before FEBA became a draft, Eduardo was already programming. Actually, his first job was exactly as a developer.

For him, it is incredible how code lines can transform ideas into products.

It was in 2010 that, invited by Fabio, he moved to the United States for good. There, it was a turning-point and he started facing programming as a whole different universe. That was when he, Bill and Fabio started to idealize FEBA.

Thoughtful with details, it was in the United States that the Partner understood that nothing was impossible. For those and other reasons, he is seen as the kind of person that does not quit until the problem is solved.

Today, Eduardo works as a counselor and an investor in the Venture, transforming other entrepreneurs' lives, always taking his first dream as a basis, which became reality when he saw the code lines transforming into problem-solving.

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