Fabio Espindula

Fabio Espindula

Managing Director

Fabio Espindula is the visionary CEO and driving strategic force behind FEBA. Since founding FEBA to today, Fabio has taken the company to higher grounds by his forward thinking ideas, his passion and dedication.

Since launching under Fabio's leadership, FEBA has invested in and co-built more than 20 companies, with key investments Fintech, restaurant software, legal and is now a leading strategic venture capital firm in Brazil.

From the age of 18 when he formed his first business, Fabio has established himself as an incredibly forward-thinking force within the business world. Since arriving in the U.S. in 2006, Fabio has served as Director of User Experience and Director of Product for a number of innovative startups, proving his ability to guide those who work with him to produce the best products and services possible.

Fabio derives great fulfillment from helping others achieve their full potential. As a founder of several companies and investor in many others, Fabio thrives in a leadership role, inspiring and motivating the teams to work together to achieve success.

Outside of FEBA Fabio is a proud husband and father of two small children. He is an avid cyclist and amateur triathlete.

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