Jesse Mota

Jesse Mota


Jesse is the figure with the biggest consulting role in FEBACAPITAL. Besides being responsible for the Infrastructure Engineering sector, he is involved in the daily life of all the Venuture’s invested companies and helps the teams to set strategies in the right path, suggesting solutions to problems that come up on the way.

He also operates in the development and maintenance of internal tools and watches out, specifically, for example, the credit and risk analysis engine used by the invested companies, as well as the engineering of FEBA’s exclusive mechanism of Customer Acquisition.

Jesse keeps softwares and products always updated in relation to the market and lives to think about how technology can help the teams transform each of the projects in which the Ventrue is involved into big successes.

The formation of his analytical profile began in his childhood, with the habit of disassembling toys to understand how they worked, the accomplishment of small scientific experiments and the reading practice. According to Jesse, “sometimes, instead of simply finding a solution to a problem, it is necessary to identify its origin and then decide what to do. That is what I call reverse engineering.”

The Partner commits to assuring the automatization of daily tasks with reliable, profitable and efficient technology. Furthermore, presents innovative, sustainable and easy-maintenance solutions to complement the operations in short, medium and long term.

With his broad knowledge and experience, Jesse is here to help materialize the good ideas, transforming them into profitable and valuable businesses.

Artem Filikov Renato Santana