Renato Santana

Renato Santana


Responsible for recruiting, preparing and mentoring project managers and developers, Renato Santana represents the highest expertise in technology and development of FEBACAPITAL.

With almost 30 years of experience in the field, it has been proved that our Partner is a record holder when it comes to delivering innovative solutions that lead to the growth of the Venture's business partners. After all, his expertise in data engineering and software development contributes to the successful implementation of several technological strategies for companies of multiple sizes and sectors.

What few people know is that all his journey began as a hobby, in the beginning of the 90’s decade, with the first computer connected to a television, reading and recording data in a cassette tape. Quickly, the hobby grew to be a profession and Renato, even still a teenager, started to develop softwares for small companies.

His history in FEBA began in 2017, as an invitation from Jesse, who today is the company’s CTO. The proposal was the collaboration in the existing PPC marketing systems. Soon it became clear that he was ready to contribute with the Venture’s visionary and strategic infrastructure, and that led him to the involvement in bigger and bigger projects. Renato was responsible then for increasing the mechanism of Customer Acquisition, FEBA's heart, creating and optimizing the bidding settings for paid marketing campaigns in the company.

Natural leader, he solves problems and impresses with his talent of fitting all developers of the team in large projects, in a way that the sector works as a complete puzzle, without missing or misplaced pieces. Furthermore, he is responsible for identifying and leveling the latest technology in the market, in order to boost the partner companies to reach their goals.

After a brief hiatus in the company, Renato is back as department chief and, above all, source of inspiration to his developers team. His modesty and calm manners cannot let us be fooled: Reanto is essential for making the Venture’s partners reach higher and higher flights.

Jesse Mota