Jesse leads DevOps and engineering for the FEBA customer acquisition engine, ensuring continued scalability and uptime. With his extensive technical knowledge and experience, Jesse is an expert in technological development and ensuring constant uptime of all company software. Jesse makes executive decisions with regards to the technological interests of the company and strives to make sure each project is a success.

Jesse started with the company as a developer working with in-house assets, taking care of various projects and creating new technologies for the company. Soon enough, his 20+ years of experience in the area proved he could take on big projects and start shaping the company into what it is now. His expertise in the field, natural knack for leadership and being an effective communicator got him to lead the department and be responsible for creating the bridge between FEBA CAPITAL and the invested companies, paying close attention to each CEO’s goals and keeping the team focused.

Jesse works on ensuring technologies inside the company are used efficiently, profitably and securely and creating innovative solutions that not only bring evolution to the company and its investments, but also sustainable cost in short and medium term, along with reduced maintenance in the long term. He aims to transform ideas into 'unicorns', making the most out of their potential and guaranteeing their future.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

- Arthur C. Clarke