Renato recruits, trains and leads FEBA developers, keeping everyone aligned with the goals and ideas of the company and businesses FEBA CAPITAL invests in, like a conductor of an orchestra. Renato is a strategic thinker and a mentor to FEBA developer team members and is integral to making all developers fit together like a puzzle when working on big projects.

Renato started with the company as a senior developer working on various projects and creating various new technologies for the company's internal use. Quickly the almost thirty years of software development experience proved he was ready to contribute to FEBA mission critical infrastructure and he moved up to working on big projects for the company's customer acquisition engine, the heart of FEBA, it's optimization and creating a better bidding engine for paid marketing campaigns.

After a brief hiatus from the company, Renato is now back leading the department. Renato's engineering expertise is unmatched and he is both a source of inspiration, as well as acts a mentor for his fellow developers in the company. Renato's natural people leadership skills lend him to be a conduit for collaboration and an integral to making all developer puzzle pieces together. His humbleness and gentle demeanor will disarm anyone, but make no mistake, he is essential to making FEBA companies fly.

“Leadership is unlocking people's potential to become better.”

- Bill Bradley