Online anticipation of income tax

Leoa assists contributors of the Income Tax to request for the value of their restitution in an anticipated way and receive in up to 48 hours.
Araranguá - SC, Brasil
Eduardo Canova
Website leoa.com.br

Leoa is a hub of solutions for the anticipation of income tax restitution and has received investment from FEBACAPITAL since its creation in 2019. It allows Brazilian citizens to carry out their anticipations without needing to contact banks and pay high rates.

Idealised by Eduardo Canova, Leoa has already helped millions of Brazlians with tax return declaration to the Federal Revenue, income tax calculator specific to stock market shareholders, IRS inspection removal, verification of capital profit and regularisation of cancelled CPF.

“Calling FEBA simply an investor is to belittle the excellent support and job developed together with the invested company.”

Eduardo Canova, Co-Founder, Leoa

With all its teams involved in different projects, FEBACAPITAL has developed Leoa’s website and its platforms and solutions from the outset. Currently, it works with the maintenance and updates, yearly corresponding to the alterations imposed by the Federal Government.

Besides that, with its expertise in Customer Acquisition, FEBACAPITAL acts in the development and in the execution of the marketing campaigns and actions, in the creation of strategies to capture clients, in the creation of content to the web and blog and in the releases and sales, leading the company to stand out as a success case in the generation of leads and quantity of website access.


Eduardo Canova
Eduardo Canova

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