Fabio Espindula

President & CEO

Fabio derives great fulfillment from helping others achieve their full potential. As a founder of several companies and investor in many others, Fabio thrives in a leadership role, inspiring and motivating the teams to work together to achieve success.

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Jesse Mota


As CTO, Jesse leads the team of developers, keeping everyone aligned with the goals and ideas of the company and businesses FEBA CAPITAL invests in. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Jesse is a strategic thinker, an expert in technological development and a mentor to team members.

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Bill Madeira


Bill is the operational force behind the company, creating solutions to business problems and improving operational efficiencies. Bill’s finance expertise and tireless drive for perfection are a central part of the company’s success.

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Artem Filikov


Artem is the marketing, user acquisition and business development force behind the company. His foresight and expertise in customer acquisition, conversion and retention are responsible for the adoption of the company’s products on the market. His finesse in striking partnerships is responsible for a large portion of the company’s growth.

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Eduardo Leitao

Technology Advisor

The architect behind the company, Eduardo is the force that drives the company’s technological advancement. His foresight, hunger for innovation, and engineering expertise are responsible for the technological foundation of the company.

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